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      By Antistress Foundation

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► 1. Based On 7 Sciences

Antistress Foundation presents Nitaai Vibrations, which are based on the following 7 Sciences of:

► 1. Nature
► 2. Sound
► 3. Resonance
► 4. Music
► 5. Mindfulness
► 6. Breathing
► 7. Anatomy

► 2. What are Nitaai Vibrations?

► The foundation of Nitaai Vibrations are the following universal meanings of the “Nitaai” sound: ► (1) “Ni” (नि) = Nature (निसर्ग or Nisarga, Nitui or Bloom, Mindfulness); ► (2) “taa” (ता) = Harmony (तादात्म्य or Taadaatmya, Taactus or Feel, Peace); and ► (3) “i” (इ) = Senses (इन्द्रिय or Indriya, Ingenium or Innate Touch, Bliss and Love). It comprises of resonating, listening to, and sharing the Nitaai Vibrations. They release all our stress and enable us to remain happy, healthy, loved, and focused always, by inducing us to vibrate in harmony with the frequencies of Nature.

Nitaai is Nature

Nitaai in Sanskrit

Nitaai in Latin

► 3. How to Practice Nitaai Vibrations?

Open your mouth and audibly resonate a long “Nitaaaaaaaaaaai” sound for at least 4 seconds, while mindfully concentrating on the sound vibrations coming out of your mouth. Repeat it for as long as you like, anytime anywhere. For added benefit, you can resonate in the same way but in unison with the healing recordings of our resonations available on Additionally, you can listen to these recorded Nitaai Vibrations whenever you like without resonating along. And last but not the least, kindly do share Nitaai Vibrations to make the world stress-free!

Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations

► 4. 22 Key Benefits of Nitaai Vibrations:

► 1. Sound Therapy
► 2. Vibrational Exercise
► 3. Self-Help Meditation
► 4. Deep Sleep Inducer
► 5. Detox Technique
► 6. Efficiency Empowerment
► 7. Fitness Yoga
► 8. Productivity Tool
► 9. Self-Confidence Augmenter
► 10. Perseverance Promoter
► 11. Clarity & Concentration Producer
► 12. Memory Enhancer
► 13. Life-Improving Sound
► 14. Wellness Resonation
► 15. Blissful Reverberation
► 16. Harmonious Humming
► 17. Relationship Booster
► 18. Peace Formula
► 19. Anti-Depressant
► 20. Anxiety-Reliever
► 21. Balancing Breath
► 22. Good Luck Charm

Nitaai Vibrations Benefits

Nitaai Vibrations

5. ► About Us

Las Vegas, USA:
A 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Federal EIN: 82-5480768
Nitaai Vibrations Patent Pending:
US 62/680,069
Zurich, Switzerland:
Registration: CHE‑140.413.975
Delhi, India:
Registration: 1686/4/2037/67-84
Registration: Approved Modality by International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Antistress Foundation is a volunteer-based nonprofit that aims to provide instant as well as long-term stress-relief, happiness, peace, and empowerment to humanity. It does so by freely sharing the universal, time-tested, and therapeutic Nitaai Vibrations based on the universal Nitaai Sound. Nitaai Vibrations promote mindfulness, wellness, healing, and productivity; and reduce our stress, anxiety, and depression.

This foundation is a joint effort by regular Nitaaians like you and I. It is not a commercial venture, nor a belief-based sect or cult. There are no rules nor founders here. We, at the Antistress Foundation, believe that helping others become stress-free needn’t wait till we receive donations. We recognize the evil that is stress and we want to help reduce it with whatever resources we have at our disposal.


► 6. Why we do what we do?

Stress is a global pandemic. Almost every single one of us struggles with it at some point in our day to day lives. Instead of avoiding it, let us do our bit by helping at least three people daily to reduce their stress through Nitaai Vibrations.

Nitaai Vibrations

This altruistic service also helps the volunteers develop self-confidence, public speaking skills, and brings forth many fruitful friendships along the way. There is nothing but deep fulfillment which Nitaai Vibrations provides the sharing volunteers and to those who practice it.

So, let us join hands and freely spread the harmony and holistic healing of Nitaai Vibrations by extending our selfless friendship with the people of this world. It is a request to all those who like Nitaai Vibrations to actively participate in the Nitaai Vibrations Uhelp3 Outreach initiative of Antistress Foundation.

Nitaai Vibrations Music

► 7. Our Community

Our Nitaai Vibrations volunteers are the heart of the Antistress Foundation. They practice and share this art. They carry the vision of our organization forward by putting it into action. It is their untiring efforts that allow thousands of people daily to experience a new ray of hope and positivity in their lives.

Every volunteer is an invaluable and essential part of achieving Antistress Foundation’s vision of healthy lives free of stress, anxiety, and depression. Our community offers a welcoming and supportive environment to any and all volunteers.

Antistress Foundation Outreach

► 8. Outreach program

Antistress Foundation has launched the Nitaai Vibrations Uhelp3 Outreach Initiative. It involves a daily social-welfare sharing act of love, peace, and joy by asking the volunteers to reach out to at least 3 people — practice Nitaai Vibrations with them a few times and motivate them to regularly practice the same on their own. By this daily sharing initiative, both the volunteers and recipients will be able to achieve instant calm and happiness.

Let us give back to the world more than what we take. Let us make our planet a better place for our children and future generations.

As a Nitaai Vibrations Uhelp3 volunteer, you will get a chance to meet new and inspiring people; develop fresh ideas, sharpen your skills, and put your talents to the best use of helping humanity. Most of all, you will join a dynamic team of inspired volunteers and be a part of our growing Nitaai Vibrations community worldwide.

► 9. How to come on board?

We have the volunteer opportunities to match your skills and expertise. Be it conducting or hosting a Nitaai Vibration Retreat online or offline; helping with your talents and ideas; or sharing Nitaai Vibrations with one person at a time.

► 10. You can help the way you want to!

Cost is not a factor here. The Antistress Foundation is entirely free and secular. Anyone can join, be certified, and start teaching Nitaai Vibrations to others for the betterment of mankind. The sole purpose is to heal yourself and others you care about.

Consider doing this good deed. You have planted a seed of mindfulness, peace, and bliss in the mind of that person. You have given birth to endless possibilities in them. You have given them the key to a better life.

So, find your friends. Find the ones you want to heal. Take everyone along and start practicing Nitaai Vibrations together. This is the easiest self-improvement practice you can share with anyone in just a minute. Simply induce yourself and others to resonate or listen to the “Nitaaaaaaaaai” vibrations. You can also listen to the highest quality recordings of our Nitaai Vibrations Retreats. And yes, they are totally free!

nitaai vibration retreats

► 11. Help us achieve the goal to make the world stress-free.

We, at the Antistress Foundation, are trying our best to freely share Nitaai Vibrations 24/7 via all means possible to make everyone on this planet stress-free and blissful. Your generous assistance, however big or small, will go a long way to sustain and increase the global sharing of Nitaai Vibrations, including our free online outreach of websites, media, content-creation, online retreats, etc.; and also all our free field retreats, distribution of publications, one-to-one sharing, training of volunteers, reaching out to new people in new places, etc.

uhelp3 outreach of nitaai vibrations by antistress foundation

► 12. Support us and let’s make this world a stress-free together.

Every single dollar from your kind donations will be used to share the antistress Nitaai Vibrations globally; to heal, inspire and make people smile; and to empower people throughout the world.

► We persist with your support

The donations that we receive go into sharing the antistress practice of Nitaai Vibrations forward to anyone who needs it. All thanks to the selfless and dedicated efforts of our volunteers, from India and beyond, we have managed to conduct 30,000+ free antistress Nitaai Vibrations Retreats, and share Nitaai Vibrations and its cards or fliers freely with more than 1 million people one-to-one in real life via our UHelp3 Outreach. We have introduced Nitaai Vibrations to 10 million+ people online through our constantly updated portfolio of free articles, retreat and music recordings, pdf books, etc. — all in a matter of just two years. And we are just starting!

The proof and efficacy of our efforts lies in the testimonials we receive from all around the world. Putting a truly stress-busting smile on people’s faces is what we would like to achieve and we’re not afraid of the hard work to get this free practice across. Do stay tuned and support us in this noble cause of the Antistress Foundation to share Nitaai Vibrations globally!

► 13. Nitaai Vibrations Is Secular

The very fabric of Antistress Foundation’s Nitaai Vibrations is non-sectarian, and is specifically meant for universal wellness and healing only. It matters not that you may be a follower of some religion, or agnostic, perhaps an atheist, or haven’t even thought about it yet.

Nitaai Vibrations will help you to become better at what you want to be — whatever that may be. It does not have any belief system of its own, nor does it judge any beliefs. People of any point of view or lifestyle can practice it and enhance their present lives and turn their visions of their future lives into reality.

Antistress Foundation respects all types of lifestyles, and recognizes that every Nitaai Vibrations practitioner or volunteer may have their ways of going about their lives. One can just add the purely health-based practice of Nitaai Vibrations, which has no beliefs on its own, to whatever practices or beliefs one is already doing and see for oneself how much they are enhanced.

At no point does Nitaai Vibrations introduce, impose upon, or interfere with personal beliefs. The Antistress Foundation shares Nitaai Vibrations exclusively based on the secular and universal meanings of the Nitaai Sound. Thus, it is solely for fitness, mindfulness, and empowerment.

secular antistress foundation

► 14. No Copyrights

. To the extent possible under law, Antistress Foundation has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to our patent-pending (US 62/680,069) Nitaai Vibrations. This work is published from: India. Everyone can use Nitaai Vibrations, and all content on this site freely for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without permission. A link to us will be gratefully appreciated. We request all the leaders and teachers in the fields of fitness, health, mental health, healing, meditation, etc. to add Nitaai Vibrations to their existing portfolios and see the positive benefits it will award their students.

► 15. Disclaimer

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, Antistress Foundation wants to make it explicitly clear that the testimonials we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people. The results may vary per person.

The general expected performance with regards to a specific disease may not have been scientifically or medically validated, and we cannot in good faith make any promises in regards to any miracle cures. Nothing explained, shared, or promoted by Antistress Foundation, including Nitaai Vibrations, should be considered or construed as medical advice or a substitute for medical care. Nitaai Vibrations is free for all, and you may start and stop its practice at any time you wish. Any liability, loss, or damage in connection with any use of Nitaai Vibrations and all other content by us is expressly disclaimed by the Antistress Foundation.

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  1. Nitaai Vibrations is not just a motivational expression, it is a hands-on tool to change the path of your life to reach your goals effectively.


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