March to Success by Nitaai Vibrations

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March to Success by Nitaai Vibrations

► The test of the efficacy of a health practice is whether it works in all situations, for all people, and at all times. The universally healing “Nitaai” sound is one such boon for humanity. You will start chewing your food and drinking more water due to becoming mindful by Nitaai Vibrations.

► When something gives us new hope and opens up a new avenue of bliss in our lives, we hold on to it as a life-saver. We take this instant source of peace, love, bliss, and mindfulness with us wherever we go. It makes us better in all we do. This source is Nitaai Vibrations.

► Loneliness leads to stress. We turn to our phones to get rid of it. The enjoyment we feel by Nitaai Vibrations is another way to make us feel close to our loved ones. The vibrations of “Nitaaaaaaaai” unite us with them, as it opens our heart to positive memories of love, warmth, caring, and oneness.

► The horizons of your vision and clarity of your thoughts expand infinitely, the more you expose yourself to Nitaai Vibrations. They are the self-help vibrations to awaken you to your true potential. Every second of our lives becomes supremely relishable and knowledgeable due to Nitaai Vibrations. Become a true visionary by practicing Nitaai Vibrations!

► Inundating waves of bliss splash through our entire body, healing and positively transforming us from within and without, as we resonate the Nitaai Vibrations. It has to be experienced to be believed. Give Nitaai Vibrations a chance. Your life deserves it. Try it. Proof is in the pudding.

► Sharing Nitaai Vibrations is to share the love for our very own voice and life-breath, since the Nitaai sound enriches our voice and breath.

► The only one person in this world who can limit your potential to achieve something great is yourself, not those who demoralize or discourage you. Regular Nitaai Vibrations does not let such inconsequential disheartening by others affect your fearless march to success.

► Don’t let others’ negative opinions, feedback, or feelings hurt your courage and enthusiasm to try for extraordinary achievements. March on undeterred with full vigor for a great cause. Regular Nitaai Vibrations gives us that strength to stay on that track in midst of discouragement.

► Some say that they have no time for sharing Nitaai Vibrations because they work. But since we work, we come across many more people whom we can help by sharing Nitaai Vibrations. And when we get some spare time at home or on our mobile devices, we can share Nitaai Vibrations to millions online. Without that selfless motivation to improve othersʼ lives, we will make up a million excuses not to share Nitaai Vibrations.

► Why canʼt we spare a few minutes daily to share Nitaai Vibrations to help others live better lives. Give love to feel love! We devote the full 24 hours daily to improve our own lives day after day.

► If all the people in this world just reserved 5 minutes daily to do Nitaai Vibrations and another 5 minutes to share it to a few others, then this world would be a totally different place. It will become full of peace, harmony, love, gratefulness, appreciation, respect, and joy!

► You can share the free Nitaai Vibrations in the following three ways. Share mass viral awareness about it online and offline, share a glimpse of its benefits by practicing it with others for a few times online and offline, and join or organize longer Nitaai Vibrations retreats with others online or offline to help them realize its full potential for their holistic well-being.

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👤 Nitaai Kumar is a Nitaai Vibrations senior coach, an author, speaker, mindfulness sound therapist and meditator, empowerment trainer, enjoy-life motivator, breathtutor, life and business strategist, stress-relief guide, maverick, yogi, and a humanitarian. He has 30 years of experience in sound therapy for clarity in life, empowerment, healing, relationships, and enjoyment. He is a mentor and webmaster at the Antistress Foundation (501c3 USA, Switzerland, Delhi). He is an MSc gold medalist in Physical Chemistry from IIT Bombay (1989-1994), a DSoT Certified Sound Therapist, and holds an MD in Yoga Therapy. Bio: Free Support via: (1), and (2) Replying to your comments on this site. One-to-one call support:

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