35 First-Try Street Testimonials of Nitaai Vibrations

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Watch the above video of the acid test of the effectiveness of Nitaai Vibrations. Those who tried it for just a few times for the first time in their lives and that too on the noisy streets could still feel its immense benefits. No money or incentive has been given in return for these testimonials, nor have they been told what to say. This is what they have genuinely experienced.

Our Nitaai Vibrations Coach Akshay Vashisht approached and requested the tourists in Rishikesh to try Nitaai Vibrations a few times on the noisy streets, as part of the Daily UHelp3 Outreach of the Antistress Foundation. As you can see, Nitaai Vibrations make you relaxed anywhere and everywhere, even if you practice only a few times. Try it now and see!

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๐Ÿ‘ค Nitaai Kumar is a Nitaai Vibrations senior coach, an author, speaker, mindfulness sound therapist and meditator, empowerment trainer, enjoy-life motivator, breathtutor, life and business strategist, stress-relief guide, maverick, yogi, and a humanitarian. He has 30 years of experience in sound therapy for clarity in life, empowerment, healing, relationships, and enjoyment. He is a mentor and webmaster at the Antistress Foundation (501c3 USA, Switzerland, Delhi). He is an MSc gold medalist in Physical Chemistry from IIT Bombay (1989-1994), a DSoT Certified Sound Therapist, and holds an MD in Yoga Therapy. Bio: NitaaiKumar.com. Free Support via: (1) NitaaiKumar@gmail.com, and (2) Replying to your comments on this site. One-to-one call support: Clarity.fm/NitaaiKumar.

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