Mindful Nitaai Vibrations – How to Concentrate on the Nitaaaaai Sound Coming Out from Mouth?

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is considered the innate human faculty to be fully present, aware of what we are doing, and not be overly reactive or adversely affected by what is going on around us. But that is only 50% of what mindfulness is. Those who depend only on their own ability to become mindful may not be able to achieve it fully. Because if we could make ourselves mindful just by our own effort, then we would be also be able to get rid of our other deficiencies, shortcomings, and limitations on our own, which we obviously can’t.

True Mindfulness

By the power of the empowering vibrations and frequencies of Nature, awakening in us by the long resonation of the Nitaaaaaaaaaaaaai sound, we can achieve the highly-coveted state of true mindfulness, heightened awareness, clear thinking, laser-sharp focus, and visionary consciousness.

Mindfulness of Sound or Breath

Mindfulness of sound is even more powerful than mindfulness of breath. This is proved by the millions of people who spontaneously love to dive deep into music, in comparison to only some who force themselves to be mindful of their breathing. And the Nitaaaaaaaaaaaaai sound, being the essential sound building-block of Nature, enhances that mindfulness of sound millions of time more.

The Simple Secret

There is one essential ingredient to attain this true mindfulness during Nitaai Vibrations. In fact, Nitaai Vibrations is not actually Nitaai Vibrations without it. It is very easy to do, just like Nitaai Vibrations itself. The more you remember to do it during Nitaai Vibrations, the more mindful you will become. You will be able to benefit yourself and others hundreds of times more from the same Nitaai Vibrations if you don’t forget to practice and share this most important element of the Nitaai Vibrations exercise. Here is that secret:

While resonating, CONCENTRATE on the long Nitaaaaaaaaaaaaai SOUND vibrations coming out specifically in the AIR SPACE just outside your mouth.

So Easy?

Only this much? Yes, this is the simple hitherto hidden secret to very powerful and true mindfulness. Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself and see! It is free for everyone. And last but not the least, from now on, please don’t forget to concentrate in this way during Nitaai Vibrations, as it is not the actual mindful Nitaai Vibrations without it.

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👤 Nitaai Kumar is a Nitaai Vibrations senior coach, an author, speaker, mindfulness sound therapist and meditator, empowerment trainer, enjoy-life motivator, breathtutor, life and business strategist, stress-relief guide, maverick, yogi, and a humanitarian. He has 30 years of experience in sound therapy for clarity in life, empowerment, healing, relationships, and enjoyment. He is a mentor and webmaster at the Antistress Foundation (501c3 USA, Switzerland, Delhi). He is an MSc gold medalist in Physical Chemistry from IIT Bombay (1989-1994), a DSoT Certified Sound Therapist, and holds an MD in Yoga Therapy. Bio: NitaaiKumar.com. Free Support via: (1) NitaaiKumar@gmail.com, and (2) Replying to your comments on this site. One-to-one call support: Clarity.fm/NitaaiKumar.

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