The Primordial Forces of Nature

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Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations
Nitaai Vibrations

Nitaai Vibrations, the primordial life giving forces of nature, are integral to our very existence.

Nitaai Vibrations resonate within each of us, nurturing life and offering us constant care, love, clarity, and freedom.

The sound waves of Nitaai Vibrations channel and convey harmony with nature to our body and mind.

Nitaai Vibrations are a miraculous and transformative medium through which light and love reach our heart.

The dynamic regenerative power of the “Nitaaaaaaai” sound vibrations enriches each and every cell and molecule in the body.

Ancient healers and medicine men used Nitaai Vibrations to stimulate bodily detoxification and emotional cleansing of mental diseases.

The innate sound within the “Nitaaaaaaaaaaai” sound imbues us with full mindfulness and awareness of our own nature and of the nature around us.

The Nitaai Vibrations extend and expand the unique and expressive capabilities of our voice and thought.

Focus the Nitaai Vibrations on specific areas of the body to feel instant relief from the localized pain or discomfort.

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👤 Nitaai Kumar is a Nitaai Vibrations senior coach, an author, speaker, mindfulness sound therapist and meditator, empowerment trainer, enjoy-life motivator, breathtutor, life and business strategist, stress-relief guide, maverick, yogi, and a humanitarian. He has 30 years of experience in sound therapy for clarity in life, empowerment, healing, relationships, and enjoyment. He is a mentor and webmaster at the Antistress Foundation (501c3 USA, Switzerland, Delhi). He is an MSc gold medalist in Physical Chemistry from IIT Bombay (1989-1994), a DSoT Certified Sound Therapist, and holds an MD in Yoga Therapy. Bio: Free Support via: (1), and (2) Replying to your comments on this site. One-to-one call support:

4 thoughts on “The Primordial Forces of Nature”

  1. This is superb!!! I loved the slides and my experience is that Nitaai Vibrations actually enrich us with happiness and joy.


    • Yes, Nitaai Vibrations enhances our satisfaction and happiness in everything we do. Thanks Aabha.


    • The more we practice it, the more we realize it as an infinite source of joy! Thanks Siddesh.


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